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Ayurveda Wellness Institute (San Diego College of Ayurveda) offers onsite workshops on Ayurvedic Nutrition, Yoga Therapy, Ayurvedic Support for Post Partum and Pre Natal Moms, Ayurvedic Herbs, Shirodhara, Nadi and Biofeedback in Ayurveda and much more. You can sign up for a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours, or, Ayurveda Foundation, Ayurveda Counselor or Ayurveda Practitioner diploma recognized by National Ayurvedic Medical Association. Alternatively, you can sign up for a one day workshop as well.

* Open to enrolled students for free. Ex students pay $10 onwards (per hour). 

Upcoming Workshops 2015

June 14- Ayurvedic Nutrition for Summer Months - 2 - 6 PM - Cost - Donation

July 16 - Meditation, Yoga Therapy, Altars and Vastu-11 AM through 6 PM - Open to all School Alumni with donation. Included for Block 2 enrolled student, Open to outsiders for $75.

July 17, and July 18 2015 - Ayurvedic pariksha Part 1 through Tongue, Pulse, Face, Eyes -Block 2  Students, or, graduates of Clinical Ayurveda course from NAMA recognized Institute of 500 Hours. Also open to students of RN, RD, PT, Chiropractor, Naturopath and Clinical Health Practitioners $175 for two days.

September  5, 6,7 -Ayurvedic pariksha Part 2 Marma points and Yoga Therapy, Panchakarma  in Ayurveda

October 25 2015 Ayurvedic Herbs

November  8 2015- Women and children Support in Ayurveda

Private Workshops  Shirodhara 4 Hrs- Learn how to do the Self Shirodhara and activate the third eye chakra.  Drop of Shirodhara. Cost - $149 Materials- $45

Ayurvedic nutrition and cooking class at your home post partum, post chemotherapy, Ayurvedic Diabetes Support - $108. Within 10 miles from Escondido

Meditation - $45 - 45 min- 1 hour session, or do a 10 hr session f0r $300

Previous  Workshops 2014

January 26th, 2014  Yoga Therapy and Vastu Workshop for Stress. Open to Non Students. 
Location: Haven Yoga, San Diego

March 23 - Babies in Bloom - Ayurvedic Recipes for Women Support - Free Prenatal Gift Card Distribution. Open House. 
Location: Oceanside, North County San Diego

April 20th- Easter Ayurvedic Nutrition Workshop - Join us for a beautiful Easter Vegetarian Meal along with meditation, prayers and learn about spices, herbs and recipes for Breast feeding moms, Post Partum Depression, , Rejuvenative Kitchen Spices for all doshas and free samples - 1.30 AM- 6.30 PM. Open to Non Students for $49.- Based on Yogis Diet through Ayurveda and Yoga Principles - Teacher Atul Krishna - Please note that we have only 10 seats. RSVP necessary.
Location: Ayurveda Wellness Center, Escondido

Ayurvedic Nutrition WEBINAR - EVERY WEDNESDAY MORNING at 8.30 AM PST from April 22nd 2014 

Meditation WEBINAR - SUNDAY MORNING at 7.30 AM. Online.

July 5 and 6 2014 - Ayurvedic Art of Assessment Part 1 through Tongue, Pulse, Face, Eyes 
and Marma Points - Pre Requisite Block 1 from SDCOA, and enrolled in Block 2, or Clinical Ayurveda course from NAMA recognized Institute of 500 Hours. Also open to RN, RD, PT, Chiropractor, Naturopath and Clinical Health Practitioners.
September 14th 2014  -Ayurvedic Nutrition Workshop for Pre natal and Post Partum Moms- Join us for a beautiful therapeutic organic Vegetarian Meal along with meditation, and learn  about spices, 
herbs and recipes for Women - Post Partum, Menopausal, Breast feeding moms. Rejuvenative Kitchen Spices and free samples - 1.30 AM-
October 3rd   Vijay Dashami Kirtan and Puja- October 3, Meditation 
October 4th *   Marma Points Immersion Escondido- October 4 2014
October 5th *  Yoga Therapy Immersion Escondido - October 5, 2014

San Diego, California

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